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United Medical Direct prides itself on supporting nonprofits and humanitarian organizations in tandem with our medical and hospitality communities around the globe

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United Medical Direct (UMD) provides consumer-direct shipping while enabling our clients a variety of storage options for their individual needs. All products undergo a pre-shipment inspection with corresponding documentation. Our staff is ever-present to manage and oversee our FDA and CE-compliant process. Proof of product quality, manufacturing standards as well as proper product loading and documentation (see sample bill of lading and AQI Reports) are essential to our on-going commitment to excellence in laboratory and healthcare supply manufacturing.

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We understand that what’s most important is to deliver certified PPE & certified medical supplies quickly, so that our healthcare workers and first responders are protected. With our extensive network of factories, forwarders and private charters, we’re able to deliver tens of millions of pieces every week to hospitals and local governments.

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UMD's medical distribution supply chain, and medical supplies & equipment help address the challenges healthcare organizations face today—and shape how they’ll overcome the new challenges of tomorrow.

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